Make Money With Affiliate Marketing       

    What course include

  • Learn email marketing with all tools

  • Learn facebook marketing with all techniques

  • Learn Google ads marketing with all techniques

  • Learn Native ads Marketing

  • Learn Blog posting and Some secret method to get traffic to your affiliate products

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Types of affiliate marketing programs:
There are a few different types of affiliate programs that use different payment terms. One tier: You get a commission when a sale is generated through your affiliate link. Two-tier: You get a commission when you refer other affiliates and they start making sales. Climbing tiers: You can increase your commissions as you make more sales. Recurring commissions: You earn a commission for as long as people are signed up for that subscription service. For example, I use Convertkit for email marketing. If someone decides to sign up for Convertkit through my affiliate link, I will earn a small commission for each month they use Convertkit. Pay Per Lead: You get a commission each time someone provides his/her contact information on the advertiser’s website. Sitewide Commissions: You can get a commission no matter what someone buys on the advertiser’s website. Amazon’s affiliate program offers sitewide commission.

Is affiliate marketing worth it?
Making money with affiliate marketing can have a number of life-changing benefits. Many people are looking to become a stay-at-home mom or dad, but still want to find a way to make money for their family too. Learning about affiliates might be the perfect opportunity for you to work from home or make extra money on the side.
Low start-up cost. Most affiliate programs are free to join. You just need to pay for your blog or website so you can promote affiliate products. You can use my easy step-by-step guide here to start your blog in minutes. No Product Creation Necessary. You don’t need to worry about making your own products. Simply promote products from brands / companies you already know and love. Location Independent. Use your laptop to work from anywhere that has an internet connection. Earn Passive Income. This has the potential for you to earn passive income. Work smarter, not harder.
How affiliate marketing Works?
Still not sure how affiliate marketing works? I know it can be a little tricky to understand. Here’s a simple way to break down step-by-step how you can make money from affiliate marketing.
You need to provide a You place an affiliate link on your website or social media post.
The visitor decides to buy something from the advertiser’s website.
A visitor clicks on your affiliate link and is taken to the advertiser’s website.
You can earn a commission. This is usually s percentage of the sale.

How to become an affiliate marketer:


While formal training isn’t necessary to get started, it doesn’t hurt to learn from someone who is already successful with affiliate marketing. My friend Michelle over at Making Sense of Cents is one of the top earning affiliate marketers out there. After being so successful with her blog, she has compiled all of her knowledge into a comprehensive course: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

She’ll teach you the basics of affiliate marketing to make sure you’re a marketing superstar! After you’ve mastered these skills, Michelle will show you how to turn this newfound knowledge into a thriving and profitable business. You’ll walk away from this course knowing exactly how to find affiliate products to promote and proven strategies to help increase your conversion rates, so you can be run a successful website. Sounds like high-value stuff, right? Almost all of her course graduates have incredible success stories. This can be the perfect opportunity for someone who is looking to start working for themselves.

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