What is FB Ad Cloaking?

Facebook will not allow to promote offers like CRYPTO , Nutra , Gambling , Adult. so we will do cloaking the ads.


Our Ads cloaking Plan

  • FB Ads account   Unlimited
  • Pages   Safe page,Money Page
  • Script   Cloaking script
  • Campaign  Client Management
  • Bonus   optimization

1000$ per month

Still Didnt Get it?

How is cloaking will works?

Noramlly you should have 2 pages,Safe page and Money page
1.safe page which contains clean content to get approve from Fb
2.Money page. which contains your offer page.

What requirments we need?

we just need your offer page link, then we will setup everything
1. we will setup safe page.
2. we will use our cloaking scritp and our fb account to promote your offers.